Can you help save Willie's life?

‘I was so scared Willie would die.’
Wilma, Willie’s mum

Can you help save the life of
7-year-old Willie from Vanuatu?

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Are you shocked by the photos of Willie?

Willie was dangerously malnourished. A huge tumour on the side of his face was stopping him eating. And the lump was growing at an alarming rate.

His mum, Wilma, was terrified her son was going to die.

Willie’s condition was so life-threatening my team pulled out all stops to bring Willie here urgently. And now we need your help to get Willie the medical care he so desperately needs. 


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Wilma shares:
‘I was so scared when Willie’s tumour started to grow.
It grew so fast … it was so strong, it pushed his teeth out of the way.
Willie couldn’t eat. He just had to lie in bed.
He got so so skinny.’

According to the World Health Organisation, the average weight for a 7 year old boy is 23.1kg.

When he arrived in Australia, tiny Willie weighed just 16.2kg.

And 700g of that was his tumour.

That means, Willie at 7 years, was the weight of an average 3-4 year-old.

Because of how life-threatening Willie’s tumour was, we had to act immediately. Thanks to your ongoing support for emergency cases just like Willie’s, we were able to get him here and into surgery within a few days.

On March 30, Willie had surgery to remove his tumour. It went well … but then the team who were monitoring him noticed his bloods weren’t right. Willie was transferred right away to intensive care.

It turns out Willie was suffering from Refeeding syndrome.

Refeeding syndrome can happen when someone who has been malnourished begins eating again. If food is introduced too quickly, it can cause serious complications.

Willie has a long road to recovery ahead of him. His body needs to learn how to process food again, and it’s highly likely he’ll need additional medical care to repair his teeth.

As if that weren’t enough, he also has a fistula – a hole in the wound under his chin. The medical team caring for him think he may even need two to three more surgeries including a bone graft and some time with a tracheostomy.

It’s so much for such a young child to bear, isn’t it.

That’s why you’re needed.

By giving today and having your donation TRIPLED, your help goes further…

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