Please help Victor get the urgent surgery he needs!


“Words cannot express how desperately I long to be well
and get on with my life.”
Victor, 13 years old

 Victor can’t wait any longer.

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 Isn’t it heartbreaking when a child you care for is sick?

Fortunately, here in Australia, we have world-class hospitals and medical care.

So it’s hard for us to imagine what it’s like for a parent like Robert, who can only watch on helplessly as his child Victor suffers…

  … because Victor simply can’t get the help he needs in Papua New Guinea.

 It must feel like there’s not even a sliver of light at the end of the tunnel.

 The great news is YOU can be that shining light for a child like Victor!

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As you can see in his photo, Victor has a huge tumour covering his left eye.

 In his cheerful way, Victor says, ‘I am doing fine’. However, he also shares how difficult it is for him to join in with his friends and at school:

  “I always wish that I would do all things that my peers can do … like, for example, sports, but can’t because of this swelling covering my eyesight.”

 Yet what’s most distressing is hearing what could happen to Victor if he cannot get treatment.

Dr Damien Hasola was the doctor at the local hospital in Bougainville and has known Victor since he was 5 years old. He says:

I am very concerned that if left untreated, the tumour will continue to grow and affect his other eye.

  I am concerned he may lose his sight completely.”

This is a grave concern.

 If Victor loses his sight, he won’t be able to work.

 There’s no social security in PNG. There are no disability payments.

 So, if left untreated, Victor will be reliant on his family for all his most basic needs – for the rest of his life.

 That’s why it’s urgent my team and I bring Victor to Australia for surgery as soon as possible.

 And why your gift is needed today.




 What makes Victor’s situation even more upsetting is how long he has been waiting for help. When he was 5 years old, Dr Hasola attempted to remove the tumour, but the tiny local hospital didn’t have the resources needed for it to be successful.  

 And he’s been waiting ever since. That was 8 years ago. That is 8 years of misery, waiting with this ticking time bomb getting worse. Every day.

Victor can’t wait any longer. The risk to his eyesight and his health is too great.

 Please send your gift to be TRIPLED today, so my team and I can bring Victor to Australia and make sure he finally gets the medical care he needs.

By having your donation TRIPLED today, your help goes further…

  … to help even MORE children. What great news!

 When Victor’s father was asked if he had a message for caring people like you in Australia, he shared:

“We very much appreciate their kind donation to help Victor.

We are sending our heartfelt thank you to those who will donate, and we pray that a double portion [of blessings] shall return to them.”

We can’t say it any better, so simply echo his words: thank you for all you do to change the lives of so many children like Victor. Your kindness transforms lives – thank you!