Refer a Child

The Miracle sMiles program accepts overseas children who have an operable condition that cannot be treated in their home country. As a rule, we assist children aged fifteen years or younger.

The referral process

Children are referred to us by family members, surgeons or health professionals volunteering in resource poor countries or tourists travelling overseas.  When you refer a child to Children First, this is the typical process:

  1. You complete the referral form below.
  2. A Case Manager will contact you to discuss the referral.
  3. You will be required to submit supporting medical reports, enabling us to assess the child’s condition.
  4. The case is assessed by medical specialists to ascertain the possibility of treatment.
  5. If the medical specialist ascertains the child has an operable condition and the case is accepted, the child will be required to hold a valid passport and medical visa. It is the responsibility of the child’s family to organise these documents. Our Case Manager can advise on this process.
  6. If an adult is accompanying the child, they must also hold a valid passport and medical visa.

Factors that could impact the child’s treatment

The availability of hospital beds and the surgeon’s operating schedules are factors that are taken into account. Cases that are deemed to be urgent are given special consideration.

Immigration, visas and accommodation can also impact on the timing of treatment for a child.

Submit a referral form

There are three ways to refer a child to Children First: