Miracle sMiles

Miracle sMiles brings children from developing countries to Australia for profoundly life-changing, or life-saving surgery that is not available in their country of birth. Find out more about the program in the pages below.

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About the Program

The children who are referred to Miracle sMiles have suffered injuries or are born with congenital anomalies that are operable, but cannot be treated in their country … read more 

The Children

Every child’s journey with Children First is different. It begins because someone, somewhere in a developing country meets a child who touches their heart – a child … read more 

Program Partners

Transforming a child’s life is expensive, but with dedicated Program Partners, it becomes a reality. While the average cost of helping one child can be up to … read more 

Refer a Child

The Miracle sMiles program accepts overseas children who have an operable condition that cannot be treated in their home country. As a rule, we assist children aged … read more