The Children

The needs of the children referred to our Between the Gaps program are varied but what binds them all together is the financial challenge faced by their parents.

Caring for a chronically ill, disabled or special needs child throws family budgets upside down. Some children have multiple disabilities which affect their mobility. Others have conditions that impact their ability to learn or to keep up with their peers in the classroom. Between the Gaps aims to make living and learning a little easier for them.

Some examples of how Children First has assisted families are:

  • funding for children’s mobility or developmental aids
  • vouchers for travel, meals and accommodation for parents of chronically ill children needing daily monitoring at hospital
  • orthodontic braces for a child with cerebral palsy
  • a blood monitor for a child with renal failure
  • learning aids for a primary school child 

Discover their stories

We invite you to meet some of the children who have been helped through our Between the Gaps program and the many remarkable people and organisations who partner with us to make this possible.

Witnessing the children’s stories is the best way to understand the Children First vision and gain a sense of just how important your support really is.

Discover the children’s stories →