2018 Winter Appeal

If not us, who will?

We’ve been thinking about the children who live well beyond our back fence. Not the kids next door playing footy and riding bikes, but the children who live just 150 kilometers north of Australia in Papua New Guinea (PNG).

When you board a plane in Australia, you’ll land in Port Moresby in under four hours. Yet despite our close proximity the difference in health care provision for our children and those of our nearest northern neighbour is immense.

The World Health Organisation tells us that 2/3 of the world’s population is without safe access to surgery and anaesthesia. The highest proportion of these are in our region. While we at Children First open our hearts to all disadvantaged overseas children, we are committed to helping our neighbours in the Pacific rim.

Over the page you’ll meet five young girls from PNG who were referred to us by our program partners Interplast and No Roads Expeditions Australia. The treatment and care the girls require is readily available for children in Australia, but sadly it can’t be provided in PNG. This is where we all step in and help those children beyond our fence: collectively we can change these children’s lives.

Thanks to the generosity of surgeons, hospitals and health professionals who partner with us, each of these young girls will undergo surgery in Australia to restore their mobility, improve their quality of life and enable them to participate in family and community life at home.

As generous supporters of Children First you can help us provide the additional care the children require by making a tax-deductible donation. Together we can ensure Serah, Ilona and Alma will be able to run, walk and swim like their friends, Foyok will be able to throw balls and Annfreda’s new smile will melt hearts.

On behalf of these children and their families, thank you for your kindness – it truly will change these little girls’ lives when they return home to PNG. If not us, who will?

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