Trikes on Tour at the Retreat

It must have been quite a sight when 20 trikes and a sports car headed down the Hume Freeway to the Miracle sMiles Retreat one recent Sunday.

The visit was organized by Alan and Johanna Maxwell from Melbourne Tours on Trike which is based at Docklands.

Alan and Johanna supported Children First’s Gala Ball last year and they were eager to do something  more for the children.  They offered to bring the trikes to the Retreat, and invited their friends from Vic Trikers Group to join them to give the kids this fantastic experience.

Knowing Innocent was wearing an external frame on his leg following recent surgery, and mightn’t be able to ride the trike, they arranged for the sports car come along too.

Some of the kids were a little hesitant at first – those trikes are pretty noisy – but they were soon enjoying rides round the grounds.  When the big trikes had left, Choity could be heard calling out “vroom vroom” while riding her own small trike around.

Thanks Alan, Johanna and your team of riders for your generosity in providing the children with this wonderful opportunity.