Meet the new team at the Miracle sMiles Retreat

All six are women and they all live locally –  totally coincidental but very fortuitous.

Each has nursing, personal care or first-aid backgrounds and has worked with different cultures. Together they’ve brought a variety of skill sets, interests, and experiences and have stepped into their roles with great excitement and enthusiasm.  They also have a great network in the local community which has already resulted in a weekend working bee at the Retreat.

Deb Pickering

Debra Pickering is the Manager of the Miracle sMiles Program at the Retreat. Deb is a registered nurse with an extensive range oftraining and experiences that nursing entails.  Deb is on duty Monday through to Thursday.

Alison Coombe is a linguist with experience in the Solomon Islands and PNG, and has a background in personal care.  Ali is at the Retreat on Fridays and alternate Saturdays.

Melanie Likos works overnight Monday and Tuesday.  Mel is a registered nurse and was volunteering at the Retreat prior to taking on this position – something she continues doing!

Karli Hanley works Wednesday and Thursday overnight.  Karli is also a nurse with her most recent experience being at Royal Children’s Hospital

Grace Bucci is an integration aide and first-aid officer at a primary school and works overnight Fridays

Susan Whitehead works alternate Saturdays.  Suse has been volunteering at the Retreat for two years and will continue to fill her volunteer shift each Wednesday.

Mel, Karlie, Grace amd Suse will cover Sundays, weekend overnights and the team continues to be supported by our fantastic volunteers.