Trishna and Krishna from Bangladesh

Trishna and Krishna have become celebrities thanks to their amazing story. But there’s more chapters to their inspirational journey.

The untold story

While much has been written about the extraordinary journey of twins Trishna and Krishna, we share here the untold story of these two brave little girls and some of the exceptional people who helped to transform their lives.

twins with surgeons photo

The odds stacked against them

When you consider the odds against Trishna and Krishna surviving, let alone thriving as they are today in Melbourne, it’s pretty staggering. Yet, thanks to the intervention, perseverance, expertise, care and love of many people, their truly amazing story has its happy ending.

Born by caesarean section to Lovely and Kartik Mollick in November 2006 in Bangladesh, Trishna and Krishna were conjoined at the head, and after some weeks at home, were becoming very ill. Placed by their parents into the care of the Sisters of Charity nuns at a children’s home in Dhaka, the girls’ future was very bleak. However, fate intervened in the form of two young Australians, Danielle Nobel and Natalie Silcock, and Australian Bangladeshi, Atom Rahman, who had been acting as Children First’s representative in Bangladesh for some time.

Through the offices of the then Australian High Commissioner to Bangladesh a plan began to develop. The Foundation has been incredibly fortunate to have relationships with passionate and like-minded people like Atom in many of the developing countries whose children need our help. Our representatives often provide the first point of referral to the Foundation and play a critical role in arranging the myriad details for a child’s medical evacuation to Australia.

Atom and Children First

It was clear to Atom that Trishna and Krishna required overseas assessment and treatment if they were to survive. It was also obvious to him that the logistics involved in undertaking such a journey required the expertise of Children First. After alerting us to the girls’ situation, there followed months of negotiation and planning for their medical evacuation to Australia.

Under the care of Atom and Moira, who were appointed co-guardians of the twins by the Sisters of Charity, Trishna and Krishna finally arrived in Melbourne in November 2007. To ensure that the girls would have easy access to the Royal Children’s Hospital and professional volunteer support, Moira and Maria (an assistant from Bangladesh) moved with the girls into the Foundation’s premises in North Melbourne.

Tests and surgery

In the ensuing weeks and months as they underwent gruelling tests and surgeries, Moira and the extraordinary team of volunteers cared for the girls around the clock, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Their commitment and dedication to the twins through the many long and often emotionally draining hours is truly outstanding.

The vigilance required to ensure the girls maintained optimum health throughout their many ordeals was enormous and absolutely essential in preventing any life-threatening infections. Moira, Atom and his wife, Riaa, and other volunteers lived and breathed every procedure the girls went through, providing empathy and love in bucket-loads. When the twins were successfully separated, on 17 November after 37 long hours, none were more relieved than Moira, Atom and all of us at Children First who had shared their journey, every step of the way.

twins & moira in PICU

Looking ahead

Today, Trishna is thriving after starting kinder in 2011, and whilst Krishna continues to face many challenges, she is overcoming them one-by-one. We offer our heartfelt thanks to all the incredible people who have made their new lives possible.

For now, the girls remain in Australia on a medical visa under the auspice of Children First.