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As the effects

As the effects of the new diet kick in after a week on the farm, and the sugar withdrawal symptoms start to recede, the celebs meet their … read more 

President Donald

President Donald Trump signed an executive order this week that directs federal agencies to implement a American, Hire American strategy and to reform the much maligned H … read more 

A solar cell’s

A solar cell’s basic job is to convert light energy into charge carrying electrons and “holes” (the absence of an electron), which flow to electrodes to produce … read more 

“We get some

“We get some wonderful treasures,” Houska added. She said people from all over come to shop at the store because it is clean, organized and well lit. … read more 

Energy analysts

Energy analysts say the boom is being spurred in part by improved technology, which has made wind and solar more competitive with fossil fuels in many regions. … read more 

First, let’s

First, let’s talk about changing your filter during peak summer and winter months. Some months are hotter or colder than usual, of course but as a general … read more 

Without any

Without any Environmental Assessment or public comment, government agencies on the federal, state, and county levels cooperated in poisoning the mangroves. Monsanto and chemical giant BASF donated … read more