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  • 31 May 2016 — Sending good wishes with Ali as he returns home to Palestine
  • 26 Apr 2016 — Angela is walking and proudly showing off her lovely straight back. Thanks Mr Michael Johnson and Cabrini
  • 17 Apr 2016 — The home in Kilmore is officially named the Miracle sMiles Retreat
  • 16 Apr 2016 — Angela has spinal surgery at Cabrini. Thanks to surgeon Michael Johnson and the wonderful theatre, ICU and ward teams
  • 12 Apr 2016 — Children First receives US$100,000 grant from Newman’s Own Foundation

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Miracle sMiles

Children First Foundation, Kilmore

Miracle sMiles brings children from developing countries to Australia for profoundly life-changing, or life-saving surgery that is not available in their country of birth. Find out more about … read more 

Between the Gaps

Between the Gaps supports Australian families with disabled or chronically ill children by providing the ‘gap’ funding for equipment and services that are only partially funded by government … read more